Welcome to my new (and improved) blog. Here, I’ll share my thoughts on food and restaurants here at home on the Monterey Peninsula and beyond. I’ll share the latest news and gossip about local restaurants and food events, random recipes and tips on new food products, and much more.

It’s my hope this blog will foster a community of local foodies. It’s been something I’ve been talking about with friends for a while now. A bunch of us like food, like to eat out and like to post reviews/opinions on food. Sure, I’ve convinced some of my friends to join Yelp or start their own food blogs, but for others who still haven’t taken the plunge, I’ll be offering them some space on Off The Menu, where all of us part-time foodies can come together and offer our thoughts on the best–and not-so-best–on the Monterey Peninsula and beyond.

Look for more posts on Off The Menu in the coming weeks. It’s still getting started, and like a delicate souffle, I’m not quite sure how it’s going to turn out. But I think it could be a great way for foodies to share their follies here on the Central Coast. By all means feel free to comment and post any thoughts you have about the new blog, suggestions for new features or even, dare I say it, requests to join as an author.

So check back often and bon appetit!


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