Best bites: July 19, 2012

For those of you who missed my column in Thursday’s Go! section of the Monterey Herald, I’m reposting the stories here on my blog. Check out this week’s Best Bite–a recap of the week’s tastiest treat! As an added bonus, check out some extra tasty bites I found this week dining around town.

Best bite: Polenta at Carmel Belle (Carmel)

It had been far too long — maybe a couple of months — since my last visit to Carmel Belle. For the last week, the dreary foggy mornings had me craving Carmel Belle’s famous polenta, so I headed over Sunday morning for a fix.

There’s nothing quite like a bowl of polenta to warm up on a foggy morning.

I got a half-order of polenta ($3) with everything on it ($4). It arrived topped with sweet roasted tomato, creamy goat cheese, tender truffled mushrooms and a gooey soft-poached egg. With the fog out in full force that morning, a hot bowl of polenta was just what I needed to warm up!

Carmel Belle definitely takes the spot for best breakfast in town, with food that’s simple, but full of flavor, making for the perfect start to the day — sun or fog.

Carmel Belle is at Ocean Avenue and San Carlos Street, in the Doud Craft Studios in Carmel. 624-1600.

Honorable Mention:
Beignets at Trailside Cafe (Monterey)

No meal at Trailside Cafe is complete without an order of beignets. When I dropped in for lunch the other day, I couldn’t resist getting some sweet beignets to cleanse my palate after a burger.

No meal at Trailside Cafe is complete without some beignets.

It’s always tricky eating these doughy morsels, it’s a balancing act not spilling powdered sugar all over yourself. (For the record, I failed on that effort.) But it’s a welcome risk for those beignets.

Trailside Café is at 550 Wave St., just off the recreation trail, in Monterey. 649-8600.

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One Response to Best bites: July 19, 2012

  1. Cocoville says:

    I have been wanting that yummy polenta bowl for months! …It is only served during breakfast hours, and I always seem to miss it my
    10 minutes or less….I will keep trying! One of these days I will have it….grrrrr!!!!!

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