Market 2.0

In case you missed it, here is my take on the food vendors at this month’s Independent Marketplace that appeared in Thursday’s Go! section of the Monterey Herald. I’ll be reposting my reviews and stories from my weekly column for the Herald here on my blog along with extra photos that didn’t appear in print.

The Independent Marketplace returned this month with a tribute to Cinco de Mayo.

Last Thursday marked the return of Sand City’s Independent Marketplace, a monthly market with fresh produce, local artisans and food vendors alongside booze and live music.

Tequila tasting was pretty popular at this month’s Independent Marketplace.

This month’s market celebrated Cinco de Mayo, featuring tequila tastings hosted by Carmel’s Surf and Sand alongside Tequila Alderete’s table offering a refreshing Vallarta Splash cocktail with tequila blanco, lime and pineapple juice ($5).

Aqua Terra had a long line of foodies eager to try these delicious goat mole empanadas.

Dory Ford and the Aqua Terra Culinary team had foodies lining up for goat mole empanadas ($5), with delicate dough wrapped around a mix of goat and beef, with a touch of bacon.

Taquitos Nayarit brought tostadas and ceviche to the market.

Castroville’s Taquitos Nayarit food truck served tortas and tostadas. I snuck a bite of my friend’s tostada mixta — ceviche with tomato and avocado on top of a crispy tortilla chip ($4). The tangy citrus was a little strong at first bite, but made a refreshing finish.

Chris Freeman’s Cafe Alchemy was serving up espresso made with Mexican beans.

I ended the evening with a visit to Chris Freeman’s Cafe Alchemy for a cappuccino ($3.25) made with Acme beans sourced from Tres Oros farm in Oaxaca.

After another successful event, foodies around town are eagerly awaiting next month’s market on June 7.

The Independent Marketplace takes place the first Thursday of every month at The Independent at 600 Ortiz Ave. in Sand City.

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