Holiday specials: Easter chocolates from Parker-Lusseau Pastries

Easter is coming up this weekend. Have you stocked up on your springtime sweets yet? No? Well, Parker-Lusseau Pastries has a number of holiday chocolates available to fill those last-minute Easter baskets.

Parker-Lusseau's shops have stocked up on chocolates for the Easter festivities this weekend!

Parker-Lusseau is probably better known for their fine French pastries, but owners Yann Lusseau and Anne Parker also quite skilled when it comes to molding chocolate into edible art. Check out this video of the dynamic duo molding their chocolate creations!

I swung by the Parker-Lusseau adobe yesterday for a sweet treat to fuel the trip up the San Francisco yesterday afternoon and noticed the counter was stocked with a diverse array of chocolate creations: ladybugs, bees, eggs, bunnies, hedgehogs, fish and turtles.

A number of chocolate creations are available for sale, including adorable chocolate hedgehogs!

The chocolate artisans at Parker-Lusseau have prepared a number of pieces perfect for an Easter centerpiece, including:
Dashing bunny: $6.50
Standing bunny: $26
Hedgehog: $20
Small fish/turtle: $18
Large fish: $25
Medium egg: $36
Ladybug: $20

And a number of chocolates make the perfect addition to an Easter basket!

And a number of smaller pieces would make perfect treats for an Easter basket:
Mini egg: $3.95
Mini ladybug: $4.95
Bumblebee: $4.95

Swing by either of Parker-Lusseau’s shops–731 Munras Avenue in Monterey or the adobe at 539 Hartnell Street, next to the Post Office, in Monterey–to pick up your chocolates! Remember, Parker-Lusseau is cash/check only–no credit cards.

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