Up and at ’em

In case you missed it, here is my review of breakfast at Pastries and Petals that appeared in Thursday’s Go! section of the Monterey Herald. I’ll be reposting my reviews and stories from my weekly column for the Herald here on my blog along with extra photos that didn’t appear in print.

As you well know, I’m not one to rouse myself from bed early on the weekends — I prefer a leisurely start to my day.

While many places serve breakfast late on the weekends, a handful switch the kitchen over to lunch service once the clock ticks to 11:01.

I've been to Pastries and Petals for lunch many times, but this was my first time dropping by for breakfast.

Carmel’s Pastries and Petals is one such case. Many times I’ve arrived just a little too late for breakfast. The lunch menu — with its selection of salads and panini — is a decent consolation prize, but I’ve long been itching to try breakfast at this little shop.

When I spotted news that Pastries and Petals had added waffles to their menu, I suddenly found the drive to wake up early to get over to Carmel for breakfast.

Perusing the breakfast menu, I wanted to order everything — this was new territory for me here, after all. We divided and conquered — splitting a number of their breakfast selections between two people, knowing some would wind up in a doggie bag to take home.

We started with waffles, of course.

The waffles are made to order — you won’t find any frozen waffles here.

The bacon waffle was a nice blend of sweet and savory--the sweet waffle batter with chunks of salty, smoky bacon.

The bacon waffle ($8.75) had chunks of smoky bacon baked into the waffle batter. Drizzling a little bit of sugary maple syrup on top gave it that nice play of sweet and salty.

I was intrigued by the red velvet waffle ($8.75). My curiosity got the better of me and I ordered one — it’s not exactly something you find on most menus.

The red velvet waffle really was like red velvet cake for breakfast.

Topped with cream cheese frosting, chocolate chips and whipped cream, it was like eating red velvet cake for breakfast. It was honestly a little bit too decadent for 11 in the morning. I doubt I’d partake in such a sugary indulgence so early in the morning again. (I’m more of a savory breakfast kind of guy.)

We boxed up the leftover waffles to go, saving room to sample the menu’s savory selections.

I had a bite of the daily quiche — bacon, spinach and mushrooms ($7.50) that day.

The quiche layered fluffy egg with smoky bacon, earthy mushrooms and spinach.

The eggs were layered with earthy mushrooms and bacon. But the true test of a good quiche is the crust. This crust passed with flying colors — it was flaky and buttery.

I also ordered a breakfast sandwich, available with a variety of meats and cheeses atop freshly scrambled eggs on an English muffin or bagel in a classier take on those egg sandwiches you find at a certain chain coffee shop.

The breakfast sandwich was great--and much tastier than those you find at a certain chain of coffee shops.

I made mine with chicken apple sausage and Swiss cheese ($7.25). The sweet sausage paired well with the fluffy egg and gooey cheese. I loved the addition of the chive/honey Dijon spread, with its little kick of heat from the Dijon mustard and the bite of herbs.

Breakfast turned out to be rather tasty. Other items on the menu piqued my curiosity and might just inspire me to get up early again next weekend for round two.

Pastries and Petals is on Mission Street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues, in Carmel. 620-1400. www.facebook.com/pastriesandpetals.

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