Pizza! Pizza!

In case you missed last week’s column in the Go! section of the Monterey Herald, I’m looking for votes for favorite pizza shops around town. If you’ve already submitted your votes, thank you. If not, send your vote my way. We’ll be making the rounds soon, so keep an eye out on my column and my blog for the results.

Few subjects get the blood of a native New Yorker boiling more than the age-old question: who makes the best pizza?

Where's the best place to grab pizza in town?

New Yorkers love their pizza — and they’re not alone, West Coasters are equally passionate. East or West, we all have our favorite pizzerias, where we pick up a pie to go or linger with pizza, pints and pals.

The other day, I had a heated discussion about pizza with a friend who’s a recent transplant from the East Coast by way of D.C. and previously New York.

He’s been underwhelmed by the pizza scene here — a sentiment I’ve heard from a couple other former New Yorkers too. Ouch.

Some East Coasters say there's no good pizza in town, but I beg to differ.

My bruised ego got to thinking about the state of pizza on the Peninsula. And I posed a challenge back to him — we’d visit our local pizza parlors and I’d help him find good pizza.

And so we begin our pizza quest. But I need your help, readers! Where do you go for pizza? I’m looking for local shops — no chain pizzerias, please — where you find a perfect pepperoni pizza or a marvelous margherita.

Send me your favorite pizza places, and we'll make the rounds to check out the crowd favorites.

Drop me a note at or tweet me @offthemenu831 with your recommendations for the best pizzerias in town. We’ll make the rounds, and look for the results of our pizza parties in my column in the weeks ahead.

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One Response to Pizza! Pizza!

  1. Bj says:

    Right now Gianni’s is my favorite place for pizza – love the breadsticks too! Pizza My Way used to be a favorite but there seems to have been a change and the pizza is not as good as formerly – also the service not so good and they won’t do separate checks! Of course, Costco is a great place for a simple pizza. And try Casa Sorrento in Salinas – delicious!

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