New in Town: Mrs. DeLish’s Posh Pies

Winter is definitely here–it’s cold, wet and blustery out. Weather like this practically begs for comfort foods. Mac and cheese, soups and stews, these are the foods I crave this time of year. So needless to say, I was curious to spot an announcement on Facebook that Mrs. DeLish’s Cupcake Boutique will be unveiling new pot pies–nicknamed “Posh Pies”–at both the Pacific Grove and Monterey farmers markets:

This week we’re debuting our new “Posh Pies” at the PG and Monterey Farmers Markets. Basically we’ve taken the pot pie concept and elevated it to a new level. Baked fresh daily, our Posh Pies offer a healthy alternative to the typical farmers market fare. They’re served hot for immediate consumption but can be taken home and reheated in the oven or microwave (yes, our eco-friendly pies trays are microwaveable). Please come out and try our new offerings. Hope to see you there!

The pot pie is the quintessential plate of comfort food–a hearty filling topped with buttery, flaky crust. It’s not the most refined food, often eaten at home rather than eaten out, so it’s rare to find on most restaurant menus nowadays. It seemed like a lot of our favorite comfort foods–like mac and cheese, pies and pop tarts, and now savory pot pies–are getting more attention in the culinary world. I’m definitely curious to try the new pot pies from Mrs. DeLish’s. Stay tuned for more!

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