Weekend specials, January 21-22: il Vecchio

Looks like il Vecchio has rolled out yet another menu addition for the weekend:

Festa dei Formaggi
For the committed lover of Italian cheeses, presenting a plate of five classic Italian cheeses, each representing one of the major artisanal cheeses for which Italy is justly famous — from cow, goat and sheep’s milk

Served with a fresh, quartered apple — $12 (serving for two)
To be enjoyed as an antipasto or after-dinner plate 

Which cheeses come with this cheese plate? How about:
Toma di Gressoney, a fontina from Valle ‘Aosta in the Piedmont (foot of the mountains) in North-West Italy, an aged semi-hard cheese with a rich nutty flavor, from cow’s milk

Pecorino Calabrese, aged sheep’s milk cheese from Calabria in Southern Italy, sharp and salty, with a definite sheep’s milk flavor

Ricotta Caprina, from goat’s milk, salted ricotta, aged and semi-hard

Taleggio, a richly flavorful semi-soft cheese from the Lake Como region of Northern Italy, from cow’s milk

Gorgonzola Cremosa – Italy’s classic bleu cheese, soft and creamy, from cow’s milk

Considering yesterday was International Cheese Day, this cheese plate sounds like a great way to (belatedly) celebrate.

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