Extra Bite: The incredible egg

My column this week included a roundup of my favorite egg dishes that I’ve sampled around town over the last month. Here’s an extra bite with a couple extra egg dishes that didn’t make the cut for the print copy.

Just last night, I was introduced to the rusa at Mundaka (Carmel)—another one of Chef Brandon Miller’s tasty tapas that includes eggs. It’s a play on a tuna salad, with a 40-minute egg on top of a round of shredded tuna and chopped veggies. The egg added an extra richness that played nicely with the salty fish and earthy carrots and potatoes.

My friend and I popped into Restaurant 1833 (Monterey) after a movie for late dinner and drinks, and I was reminded that they’ve got two egg dishes on their dinner menu. The crispy hen egg—an egg wrapped in prosciutto and quickly fried—was an indulgent late-night snack.

The prosciutto and egg pizza is like breakfast, on a pizza!

And of course Chef Levi Mezick also includes a pizza topped with egg on the dinner menu at Restaurant 1833. The thin-crust, wood-fired pizza is topped with prosciutto, mushrooms and two soft-poached eggs. It combines the best of breakfast on a pizza pie—how can you really go wrong?

I suspect Cannery Row Brewing Company's drunken fries would be better enjoyed in a, well, drunken state.

Restaurant 1833’s cheeky cousin, the Cannery Row Brewing Company (Monterey) has also pounced on the dinnertime egg trend. Their offering isn’t nearly as refined as the two at Restaurant 1833. The Cannery Row Brewing Company’s drunken fries are topped with mushroom gravy and a fried egg. I don’t think this is a dish to eat while sober—under the light of day, these fries aren’t exactly all that appetizing. But I can imagine after a night of boozing, this plate full of carbs and protein would be the perfect late-night snack.

The egg really outshines the pork in the pork loin tonnato at The C.

Over at The C Restaurant + Bar (Monterey), the appetizer menu includes a house-smoked pork loin tonnato that’s topped with a 10-minute egg and tuna aioli. The thin slices of smoky pork go nicely with the tender, cooked egg.

burger. has many great burgers on their menu. Adding an egg just makes them that much better!

And as you’ve seen in my recent reviews, eggs are making appearances in menus all over town. Some dishes are merely adding eggs since they’re en vogue—burgers with fried eggs. Look no further than burger. (Santa Cruz) for some great burger combinations with all sorts of wacky ingredients, including egg. My favorite is the DAC, topped with jalapeño aioli and pepper jack cheese. Add a fried egg on top to take it up a notch.

Many dishes from Asia, from noodle stir fries to soups, include egg too.

While dinnertime eggs may seem like a new trend, remember many dishes have traditionally included egg—take for example stir fries, like mu shu and Pad Thai, with hints of fried egg, or nabeyaki udon soup served with a poached egg.

It’s clear—eggs are here to stay for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I wholly endorse eggs with any meal!

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