New deals: Pint of the Month club at The Penny Ice Creamery

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for foodies and ice cream fans, The Penny Ice Creamery up in Santa Cruz has you covered. Today, Penny Ice Creamery announced its new Pint of the Month club. For $160, you’ll get a pint of a limited-run, small-batch flavor ready for pickup at the shop every month. (As a bonus, you’ll get an insulated, reusable pint container.)

Here’s the full scoop (yes, pun, totally intended!):
Not everyone is a foodie, an epicurean, or a culinary explorer; but for those who are, The Penny Ice Creamery is pleased to make available a limited number of subscriptions to our Pint of the Month club. Each month of the year will bring a new, unique ice cream flavor. These flavors will be ultra small batch, using rare and distinctive ingredients, and will be exclusive to club members. We look forward to sharing a new dimension of ice cream with you! *** Membership card and gift wrapped reusable insulated pint container available for pickup at The Penny Ice Creamery beginning Monday November 28th. There is no shipping available at this time. *** Details: 12 month subscription, one pint per month, commencing January 2012. Ice cream will be available for pickup on the 15th of each month at The Penny Ice Creamery (please note there is no shipping available at this time). Flavors will be selected and created by The Penny Ice Creamery and announced one week prior to availability. Substitutions are permitted only in the case of food allergy and at the discretion of The Penny Ice Creamery. This is for the adventurous so you may want to leave the kids at home.

A limited number of spots in this exclusive club are available, so pick up your membership ASAP. Buy it now on The Penny Ice Creamery’s Facebook page.

The Penny Ice Creamery makes some great flavor combinations–their creme fraiche date and bourbon persimmon ice creams were the perfect complement to pumpkin pie during my Thanksgiving feast yesterday–so this just jumped to the top of my wish list for Santa!

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