Escaping the kitchen

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of local restaurant offerings for Thanksgiving dinner that appeared in Thursday’s Go! section of the Monterey Herald.

Wow, can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? Are you ready for a fall feast, or does the thought of roasting a whole turkey send shivers down your spine? If you’re not in the mood to slave away in the kitchen next Thursday, many of our local restaurants have you covered.

Wednesday, The Grub Hunter gave you the scoop on some Thanksgiving menus around town, and today, I’ve got a few more to choose from.

The Point Pinos Grill (Pacific Grove) is one of the most underrated restaurants around. Don’t let its golf course status deceive you — under the guidance of Aqua Terra Culinary, its kitchen delivers some delicious dishes.

The Point Pinos Grill will be offering a Thanksgiving buffet for $25 per person. Highlights include curried butternut squash soup or that delicious roasted apple and endive salad with roasted butternut squash. For reservations, call 648-5774.

The C Restaurant + Bar (Monterey) is offering a four-course Thanksgiving dinner for $48 per person. You can’t beat its ocean view, plus the food is mighty tasty.

This year’s menu includes starters like butternut squash soup or herb gnocchi. And who says you have to stick with turkey on Thanksgiving? The C is offering a choice of entrees — if the traditional turkey isn’t your thing, they’re also serving smoked pork rib chop, pan-seared sea bass or a vegetarian-friendly artichoke risotto.

I took advantage of The C’s Thanksgiving feast last year — the gnocchi was great, and that turkey leg confit was a nice touch. (Can you ever go wrong with a confit-style bird?) For reservations, call 375-4800.

Grasing’s (Carmel) is offering a three-course prixe fixe Thanksgiving dinner for $44.95 per person. Or if you’d prefer to dine in, but don’t have the time — or desire — to cook, Grasing’s also offers Thanksgiving meals to-go. They’ll prep the turkey — with an assortment of fixin’s — for you to heat up at home.

Grasing’s turkey to-go dinner feeds eight and costs $200 (plus tax) — only a limited number of turkeys are available, so hurry up and place your order now. Call 624-6562 to order your dinner and schedule delivery.

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2 Responses to Escaping the kitchen

  1. judy gibbon says:

    We very much thanksgiving meal aT c resturant. Far more food than possible eat. They were gracious about providing boxes. I very much enjoyed the herb gnocchi.

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