Holiday specials: Thanksgiving dinner at Fandango

If you’re looking to give your oven a break this Thanksgiving and dine out, Fandango Restaurant in Pacific Grove is offering a Thanksgiving dinner from 12:00 until 7:30.

What’s on the four-course menu? How about:

Duckling pate & Kalamata olives

Basque Salad with baby spinach tossed with fresh orange sections, walnuts & blue cheese

Choice of one item below:
Roast Tom Turkey with chestnut sage stuffing
Roast New York Strip with mushroom sauce
Virginia Baked Ham with Hawaiian sauce
Grilled Salmon Filet Cafe de Paris butter, mashed potatoes & garden vegetables
Tortellini Maison with basil cream sauce

Traditional Holiday Desserts

The four-course menu costs $29.75 per person ($16.50 for children 12 and under), excluding tax, tip and beverages.

Give Fandango a call to reserve a table: 831-372-3456

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