Weekend specials, October 28: La Bicyclette

Grabbing breakfast the other day before my flight down to LA, I was reminded that La Bicyclette really is one of my favorite restaurants in Carmel. The food is always spectacular, in a charming atmosphere.

Recently, La Bicyclette has taken to posting their daily menus on Facebook. I thought I’d share this one in particular, as that fish and chips sounds mighty tasty.

1st Course: Cured salmon & heirloom apple tartare with horseradish créme fraîche

2nd Course: Heirloom Tomato Soup

Main Course (choice of):
Nantes carrot risotto with truffle marinated artichokes $28
Braised Rabbit with Moroccan spices, preserved lemon & semolina cake $34
Veal Chop with local fig mostarda & Gorgonzola Dolce polenta $38
Fish & chips cava battered local sand dabs with crispy root vegetables & saffron aioli $32
Pan-Seared filet Mignon with caramelized onion purée, Brussels sprouts & smoked bacon $38

Dinner is available as a prix fixe with all three courses, or you can order individual entrees a la carte. And of course, the wood-fired pizza oven is going all night too–you can order pizza if you prefer.

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