Looking for a good alternative

For those of you who missed my column in Thursday’s Go! section of the Monterey Herald, I’m reposting the stories here, complete with some photos that didn’t appear in the printed article.

Labor Day weekend is almost here — yikes, where did summer go? — and that means many of us are getting ready for that all-American summertime pastime of grilling burgers.

Where can I find a good turkey burger in this town???

I don’t eat red meat, so unless I make my own, I’m usually left out in the cold when it comes to burgers. It’s rare to find a restaurant around town that serves burgers that aren’t made from beef. And yet I’d venture I’m not the only one in town looking for non-bovine burgers.

RG Burgers has long cornered the “alternative” burger market in town, but honestly, they’re not cutting it for me anymore — their turkey burger is just a little bland. So I’ve been on the lookout for alternative burgers — veggie, turkey, salmon — around town this summer.

Surprisingly, American Burger's turkey burger wasn't half bad.

I recently tried out American Burger in New Monterey on a whim. They’re not much for atmosphere, but the turkey burger was decent — certainly better than I’d expected.

Phat Burger might not be much for looks, but the turkey burger was pretty tasty.

Phat Burger in Seaside has also joined the turkey takeover. Their turkey burger was juicy and flavorful. It wasn’t perfect — a little salty — but it’s easily better than others I’ve had in these parts.

But few other shops here on the Monterey Peninsula offer more than beef burgers and store-bought veggie burgers.

Santa Cruz seems to be ahead of the curve. There, shops such as Betty Burgers or burger. offer non-beef patties. Betty Burgers serves up classic combinations, while burger. — with a period! — makes more gourmet fare. Both have burgers available with beef, turkey or housemade veggie patties.

Let’s hope more restaurants closer to home follow their lead!

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One Response to Looking for a good alternative

  1. Robin says:

    I love the turkey burger at Island Grill. They must add to the meat to make it so moist…

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