First Impressions: Salumeria Luca

Salumeria Luca–the new Italian deli and bakery expansion of Cantinetta Luca–opened on Monday. I stopped by last night for a quick dinner, and posted my first impressions on Yelp. I figured I’d repost it here too, with photos, to help spread the word about this exciting new shop.

It's here! Salumeria Luca opened this week.

All summer, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening of Salumeria Luca, a new Italian deli and bakery from the team behind Cantinetta Luca. Promising a diverse collection of cured meats, fresh breads, housemade pastas and gelato, I was intrigued. At long last, the doors opened on Monday.

Salumeria Luca is a gourmet Italian grocery and sandwich shop.

I popped in tonight to check out the shop, luckily just minutes before they closed at 8:00. The staff were more than happy to whip up pressed panini sandwiches for me and my friend.

The panini--like this Calabrese, with spicy Calabrese salami and Calabrian chile spread--were delicious!

We split two panini–the Calabrese (spicy Calabrese salami, Calabrian pepper spread, greens, tomato and fresh mozzarella for $7.50) and the Campania (heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, rucola and basil agliata for $7).

The sandwich combinations included classics like the Campania, with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.

The panini are served on focaccia that provided a good, flavorful foundation for the sandwiches. The Calabrese panino was quite spicy–and I loved every bite of it. There was a good portion of meat, a nice chunk of gooey cheese and fresh greens. The pepper spread was quite flavorful. The Campania was great too–a classic Italian combination.


I couldn’t resist the housemade gelato, and figured a couple samples would tide me over until I could return for a proper scoop. Not so much–once I had a bite, I had to order a scoop! They have a mix of gelato and sorbetto, with about 8 varieties, including classics like vanilla, dark chocolate and Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut) gelato and strawberry sorbetto and fancier fare like salted caramel, honey ricotta and toasted cinnamon stick gelato and peach and cantaloupe sorbetto. A single scoop is $3.25 and a double is $4.75. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can take home a whole pint for around $7, I think?

I only intended to sample a little taste of the gelato, but wound up walking out with a double scoop. Oops.

I had a double scoop of the honey ricotta and the toasted cinnamon stick. The texture was creamy, though a tad waxy for the honey ricotta (I suspect because of the addition of cheese). The flavors were bold, and I appreciated finding a good variety. I’ll definitely be stopping by for more gelato, especially as the kitchen tries more flavors. (And here’s hoping Luca’s iconic olive oil ice cream makes an appearance in the cold case too!)

As if the gelato weren’t enough, we also picked up a tiramisu ($5) “for later”–well that was the plan, at least, until we wound up eating it on the way back to the car. Oops. It was quite flavorful, with great texture and, most importantly, ladyfingers that were neither too soggy nor too crumbly.

There's a case of cheeses and lots of cured meats to choose from--a foodie's dream come true!

It’s a great concept–a general store of sorts for fine Italian foods. They’ve got wine, meats, pastas, olives, cheese, desserts–even squid ink! You can even pick up a package of that famous burrata ($10.75) they use at Cantinetta Luca next door! Score!

The shelves are stocked with dried pasta too.

The staff were all friendly, helpful and most importantly patient as I was drooling over all the delicious foods. And the atmosphere was charming, though I wish they had tables to sit down and enjoy your panini. Salumeria Luca clearly has focused on the to-go business to take sandwiches and groceries back home or out for a picnic.

I’m definitely looking forward to coming back to try their salumi plate and the “cold” sandwiches. And of course more gelato!

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One Response to First Impressions: Salumeria Luca

  1. Grant Dobbie says:

    Just wanted to drop a line and “Thank You” for stopping in and checking us out at Salumeria Luca. It has been quite a bit of work to get the show up and running but very well worth it. We really enjoy the opportunity to provide Carmel with great place to come in and grab a quick bite to eat or pick up some fresh house made items to take home and prepare themselves (or a little something sweet with our gelato).

    Stop in and see us soon & thanks again,
    Grant Dobbie
    Manager, Salumeria Luca

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