Best Bites: August 10-16

For those of you who missed my column in Thursday’s Go! section of the Monterey Herald, I’m reposting the stories here on my blog. But wait–there’s more! That’s right, you’ve read about the best thing I ate all week, but what about some of the best bites that didn’t make the cut? Thank god for the internets–now you can see the top three foods I ate this week, complete with mouth-watering photos! Check back each weekend for a recap of the week’s tastiest treats!

Best Bite: Enchiladas verdes at Mariscos Puerto Nuevo (Seaside)

After my review of La Villa Taqueria last week, I got several tips to check out Mariscos Puerto Nuevo. I popped in for dinner on Thursday night and I wasn’t disappointed.

I'm a big fan of combo plates--they let you try more of the menu, like the delicious enchiladas verdes.

Dinner was mighty tasty, especially my enchiladas verdes. (Can you tell I really like enchiladas? It’s a problem — I think I need to join a 12-step program.)

The chicken was moist and tender, shredded and wrapped delicately in a tortilla, then topped with a flavorful tomatillo sauce. Mmmmm.

Stay tuned for more on my continuing dining adventures in Seaside!

Better Bite: Homemade Oreo at Homeroom (Oakland)

While up in the Bay Area for the day, I took advantage of the Bay Area’s unique food offerings, like popup pie shops and mac and cheese restaurants. Ironically, the highlight of my meal at Homeroom, a restaurant devoted entirely to mac and cheese—yes, such a thing really exists!—wasn’t the signature mac and cheese dishes, but one of the desserts.

I came for the mac and cheese, but fell in love with the homemade Oreos.

The homemade Oreo was absolutely delicious. The chocolate cookie was appropriately crispy around the edges but also gooey and chewy in the center, just like how a cookie should be. The cream inside was rich and flavorful. Together, it was a sophisticated take on this childhood favorite. I just wish I’d ordered a couple more to last me through Adele’s concert.

Good Bite: Duck breast with a foie gras demi-glace at Bistro Moulin (Monterey)

Mmmmm. Duck. I’m such a sucker for duck. I just might be liking duck more than pork nowadays. (Shocker!)

And there’s nothing better than duck cooked in the hands of a master chef. Chef Didier at Bistro Moulin makes the best duck breast in town. It’s seared perfectly and so tender.

Quack! Quack! Quack!

And this weekend, the duck was especially good. Why? Oh how about some foie gras? Oh yes. Duck is rich enough by itself, but the foie gras demi-glace, complete with large shavings of foie, just took it to the next level of epic indulgence.

Honorable Mention: Tomato and pesto sandwich at Happy Girl Kitchen (Pacific Grove)

Happy Girl Kitchen has been reaping the bounties of our local tomato harvest. And what a flavorful bounty it has been! I’m not usually a fan of raw tomatoes, but the tomatoes they’ve been getting have changed my mind about eating raw tomatoes.

A simple summer sandwich.

This past week, Happy Girl Kitchen made a delicious sandwich with raw tomatoes and mixed greens on ciabatta with a spread of housemade basil pesto and housemade goat cheese. The flavors were so light, but very rich; so simple and classic, yet sophisticated.

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