Upcoming baking workshops

Fresh off this weekend’s Farm-Fresh Baking workshop, Stephanie Stein announced the next two baking workshops: Whole-Grain Baking on Sunday, August 28 and Baking Breakfast on Saturday, September 3.

The Whole-Grain Baking workshop is Stephanie’s first workshop to be held at Live Earth Farms (in Watsonville). This class will work with three recipes: peaches and cream scones, tomato and goat cheese galette with herbs and chocolate coconut sandwich cookies. Steph teased that participants will go beyond farm-fresh baking this time and may actually venture into the Live Earth fields to pick ingredients! Sounds like fun!

Baking Breakst is back at Happy Girl Kitchen in Pacific Grove. This workshop features three breakfast staples–chocolate espresso muffins, carrot cake scones and homemade granola.

To sign up for a class ($110 per person), call Stephanie at 209-481-9727 or email her at gushigan@gmail.com. Check out the flyer below for more information:

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