National Panini Month at TusCA

We Americans love our food holidays, don’t we? So much so that we’re not content to spend just a day celebrating a particular food–sometimes we need a whole month. I can wholeheartedly get behind National Ice Cream Month and have been celebrating liberally these past few days. But I learned this morning that August is National Panini Month. Really? That one seems like a bit much for a whole month of celebration. But to each their own. Panini are pretty tasty.

Looking to celebrate National Panini Month? Looks like TusCA at the Hyatt has you covered:
Hot off the grill, in honor of the second annual National Panini Month, TusCA Chef Johnny DeVivo has invited food lovers to switch up their usual sandwich routine and celebrate the delicious goodness of a panino during the month of August.   Although the panino is a traditional Italian recipe, Americans have come to embrace it – as evidenced by its place as a lunchtime favorite at delis and cafes around America.

Available for lunch only from August 1 – 31, 2011, Chef Johnny DeVivo has created a prosciutto and fig Panini with gorgonzola cheese and arugula.  Celebrate National Panini Month at TusCA Ristorante.

Not gonna lie, the combination of prosciutto, figs and gorg gets me weak in the knees!

(And can I just say that I so appreciate the proper use of panino for a singular panini. The grammar nut in my gets so ticked off when I hear panini being bandied about for both singular and plural when that’s just not so!)

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