Weekend specials, July 15-17: Bistro Moulin

It’s Thursday, so foodies around town have been sitting in front of their computer salivating wondering what Bistro Moulin will be serving up this weekend! Oh wait–was that just me? Ha! Here’s the menu, hot off the presses:

Spaghettini alla Bucaniera
Pasta with sauteed prawns, Manila clams, calamari, in a zesty tomato broth, and garlic aioli crostini

Loup de Mer au Basilic
Fillet of local white sea bass encrusted with basil, mosaic of vegetables, slow-roasted tomatoes, and Meyer lemon beurre blanc

Looks like Chef Didier is bringing back an old favorite! Many moons ago, the spaghettini was included on the bistro’s regular menu; now, it makes occasional appearances as a weekend special. It’s quite tasty–very light.

And don’t forget, today’s Bastille Day! Celebrate with Bistro Moulin’s prix fixe dinner! Call the bistro for reservations: 831-333-1200.

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