Now appearing in print too!

Well it’s official, readers, now you can read my raves, rants and random thoughts here online AND in print. Yes, I’m now appearing in our local paper, in the Monterey Herald’s expanded Go! entertainment section on Thursdays. You can check out this week’s inaugural column here for a review of Carmel’s La Bicyclette. Stay tuned for more every Thursday–and of course keep checking back here on my blog for more scoop off the menu between “meals”!

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2 Responses to Now appearing in print too!

  1. Diane says:

    Loved your writing! Please keep the steal-of-a-meal and best-thing-I-ate entries. Do you want me to mail you an arancini?

    • Raul says:

      Thanks for reading, Diane! Yes, the “best thing I ate” story (or “Best Bite” as I prefer to call it) will be a recurring one every week in my column. And you’ll get to read more here on my blog on Sundays–like the runners-up that didn’t make the cut, complete with photos. Stay tuned for the details tomorrow! And “Steal of a Meal” will be a recurring story from time to time in my column–it won’t be weekly, but it will definitely be at least a monthly feature. Definitely send me any suggestions for future columns–I want to know what my readers want to read!

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