Bistro Moulin’s weekend specials: June 10-12

It’s Thursday, so what does Bistro Moulin have in store for diners this weekend? How about this:

Cannelloni di Vitello e Spinaci
Veal, spinach and ricotta cheese filled cannelloni pasta, pink vodka sauce, au gratin

Sole au Basilic
Sauteed fillet of Petrale sole encrusted with basil, haricots verts amandines, roasted cherry tomatoes, and Meyer lemon beurre blanc

Mmmm. Cannelloni–one of Chef Didier’s best off-menu specials. That pink vodka sauce is absolutely sublime. Bummer it’s stuffed with veal or else I’d be over at the bistro ordering that in a heartbeat! But if you’re a beef-eater, stop by and try some for yourself! (And if you’re a beef-eating beef-eater, good thing that vodka sauce is pink so it won’t stain your jacket! OK, bad joke–I’m hungry, give me a break!)

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