C stands for “Carolyn’s Cookies”

I’ve passed Carolyn’s booth many times during my strolls up and down Alvarado guzzling bubble tea on Tuesday afternoons. As many times as I passed Carolyn’s booth, I never thought to stop and get a cookie. Well a couple of weeks ago, my friend staged an intervention and introduced me to Carolyn’s Cookies at Monterey’s farmers market. Wow, those are some pretty tasty cookies! Needless to say, I’m now sincerely regretting not jumping on the Carolyn’s Cookies train sooner!

Look for Carolyn's Cookies at local farmers markets.

Sure, cookies are one of the humblest of desserts and fairly easy to whip up on your own with ingredients you’ve probably got at home already, so what sets Carolyn’s Cookies apart from the crowd? What’s got this foodie’s mouth watering at the prospect of picking up cookies at farmers market tonight?

I think it has to be the flavor combinations that are off the beaten path. Some are pretty traditional, sure—a peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie is packed with, you guessed it, peanut butter chips and chocolate chips—but others are more unique. There’s a mint chocolate chip, with mint chocolate chips, or the pumpkin spiced chocolate chip, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and other spice pairings inspire by pumpkin pie. One of my recent discoveries is the Craisin chocolate chip cookie—sweet chocolate chips duke it out with tart dried cranberries for a unique cookie combination. And there are rumors on Facebook of a bacon-chocolate chip cookie. Um, how can I get hold of one of those?!?! Bacon! Chocolate chips! Cookies! Three of my favorite things all in one!

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from Carolyn's.

It’s Tuesday so you’ll probably find me picking up some cookies later tonight! Itching to try some of Carolyn’s cookies for yourself? Check her out at local farmers markets. She’s at the Pacific Grove farmers market on Mondays (4:00-7:00), the Monterey farmers market on Alvarado on Tuesdays (4:00-8:00, during the summer) and the Old Town Salinas farmers market on Saturdays (10:00-2:00). You can try a cookie for a dollar apiece, or get six for $5.

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