Bistro Moulin’s weekend specials: June 3-5

Hot off the presses, readers, I present Bistro Moulin’s weekend specials:

Cailles Flambees au Cognac
Two roasted quail flamed with Cognac, spinach leaves, caramelized cherries, and cassis demi-glace

Espadon aux Epices
Grilled Pacific swordfish, toasted almond whipped potatoes, sweet onion relish, and zesty tomato broth

I’m so torn! I’m not usually a fan of quail–those little birds are so damn cute, I feel bad eating them!–but that preparation sounds delicious. Cognac! Caramelized cherries! Cassis demi-glace! Mmmm. Perhaps I can make an exception–maybe I’ll pretend it was an evil quail supervillain that I’m eating and not a cute little, innocent quail? Hmm. Or I could go for the swordfish? I mean I don’t eat swordfish very often–it doesn’t do much for me, personally–but pairing it with whipped potatoes, sweet onions and zesty tomatoes. Well, yes, now *that* does something for me! Stay tuned to see if any of these specials make it in my belly this weekend!

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