Happy Coq au Vin Day!

Heading out this morning, I was reminded that summer is here. As the calendar turns to June, the Monterey Peninsula is packed with tourists here to enjoy the sunny weather. (Ha! Little do they know it’s only sunny like three days all summer–enjoy it while it lasts, my friends.) Sure, everyone’s probably focused on Memorial Day and the long weekend, but I’m more excited with today’s little-known holiday, Coq au Vin Day.

Happy Coq au Vin Day!

Oh yes, Coq au Vin Day. I know, I know. What’s up with these random, obscure food holidays. Eh, say what you will, I’m a fan of food holidays. I mean any excuse to dine on delicious food–especially fine French food–is good in my book.

I celebrated Coq au Vin Day a little early, heading over to Bistro Moulin on Friday night for dinner. I knew the Bistro would be the best place to celebrate not just Coq au Vin Day but also National Escargot Day, another little-known food holiday I missed last Tuesday while in Texas on business. Oh yes, both escargot and coq au vin were consumed. (Along with some gnocchi and duck confit–good times!)

Better late than never--escargot at Bistro Moulin in honor of National Escargot Day!

Those snails were HUGE! And oh so delicious. The one-two punch of the escargot with the creamy spinach gnocchi was a great way to start dinner. And needless to say, a large amount of ciabatta bread was ordered to slop up the butter from the escargot and the cream sauce left over from the gnocchi.

Delicious coq au vin at Bistro Moulin was just the right way to celebrate Coq au Vin Day!

But onto the main event–the coq au vin was, as always, very tasty. Chef Didier’s coq au vin is so rich with nice notes of red wine, chunks of bacon and mushrooms and tender chicken. Since I usually skip over the menu for the weekend dinner specials, I haven’t had coq au vin at Bistro Moulin in ages. Chef Didier has changed the recipe a tad since I’ve had it last–now instead of fingerling potatoes, the coq au vin is served with penne pasta. I was a little skeptical about this change, but once I tasted the pasta–topped with cheese and garlic–wow, it was very tasty. I’m going to have to order this more often!

And don’t forget, want to make Chef Didier’s coq au vin at home? Check out the recipe and see Chef Didier make this delicious dish on ABC7’s View from the Bay here.

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