Breakfast of champions, the remix

It’s no secret how much I love the polenta at Pacific Grove’s Happy Girl Kitchen, but even I have my limits. After several consecutive polenta breakfasts, I’d finally reached my polenta event horizon. I was offered a sampling of freshly made strawberry jam, and it was too good to pass up. I was about to bail on my polenta to order a PB&J with that delicious strawberry jam when–twist!–they offered to pair polenta and jam. Whaaaat?!?! I couldn’t pass up a unique twist on the polenta.

Strawberry jam on top makes a sweet twist on polenta.

Oh man, it was tasty. A little on the sweeter side, sure, but a refreshing combination. The creamy polenta with its notes of sweet vanilla and savory butter got a kick of sweet strawberry jam. The fresh jam, with nice chunks of fresh strawberry (mmmmmm!), was a great addition. The pairing of corn and strawberry really was genius–almost like a strawberry cornmeal cake for breakfast. Definitely a twist I’ll be ordering more often now!

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